What to Wear for Engagement Photos

We’ve noticed recently that once we book photography sessions with couples in Guatemala, the first question has generally been the same: what should we wear? A valid question, since you’re planning on using your photos as engagement pictures, hanging them up on the wall or sending them to relatives.  Since we have been getting asked this question fairly frequently we figured we could shed some light on the subject.  Here are some tips when deciding what to wear for your photography session:

1) Less is more (Not in the way you think :))

The subject and focus of your photos should be YOU.  So when it comes to deciding what to wear, avoid distracting, bright patterns or items of clothing that will draw the attention away from you.  Not that you can’t get a few shots with your vintage bright yellow pumps that your great Aunt Susie gave you, but keep in mind that their bright color might make people focus more on the shoes than how happy and in love you look in your photos.

2) Stay comfy

More than likely we will be shooting in a gorgeous, natural setting which may or may not involve a bit of walking or hiking, so those famous yellow shoes from Tip #1 might not be the most comfortable or practical option.  The same goes for your clothing, if you’re not comfortable in your clothes, chances are it might show through in the photos. So pick clothes that fit well and aren’t a hassle for you to think about.

3) Be confident

This tip goes hand in hand with Tip #2.  Try to choose clothing that makes you feel confident and secure. Picking clothes that fit well and accentuate your best qualities will make the session a lot more painless.  If you have to pin things into an exact position for them to look right then you’ll probably spend the entire session worrying about whether those pins stay in place or not.  Most likely when you look back on these photos you want to remember the love you shared, not how stylish that amazing (and expensive) new halter dress looked.

4) Bring back-ups and layers

Just in case you get a little dirt on your outfit or you realize that it’s just not working in the photos, bring an extra set of clothes or extra layers to change the look of the photos. For example, your first outfit could be more dressy and then you can change into jeans and a comfy T-shirt for the second set to get a more casual look. You can also bring accessories that give you something to “play” with in the photos, like a long scarf or your favorite flowers.  Little details like that can often create more interesting or dynamic photos.

These tips are definitely not set in stone.  They’re more like guidelines that can help the session move a bit smoother and help us deliver an amazing final product.  If you need more tips on how to dress for your session, feel free to send us an email at info@daniellopezperez.com.