The 13 Best Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan in 2020

Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala // We remember the first time we ever saw Lake Atitlan. We had been visiting Guatemala for about 10 days and made plans to do some horseback riding on the ridge that overlooks the lake from Santa Clara. After hearing about it for a while, and our anticipation grew as our horses slowly made their way up the ridge. When we reached the edge, this stunningly huge, blue body of water literally took the breath out of our lungs. We remember immediately feeling this sense of peace and joy that comes over most people that see the lake for the first time.

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Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Over the years, while photographing weddings on Lake Atitlan, we’ve talked to many of our clients about why they choose to get married here. Usually the phrases “favorite place in the world” or “the world’s most beautiful lake” are the sort of things we hear during these conversations and we realize just how lucky we are to photograph this incredible place so often. Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

We have been thinking of how we can share the magic of this place with our future clients and make it easier for them to come to Lake Atitlan to celebrate their wedding. As part of this process, we are sharing a list of venues that couples otherwise wouldn’t have considered as options for venues. Although the idea of planning a wedding so far from Guatemala City can be daunting, most if not all of these places have the staff, knowledge and ability to host incredible weddings on Lake Atitlan. And the results are always worth it. Below is a list of our favorite venues on Lake Atitlan. And if you want more information make sure you check the rest of our articles we have written with advice for weddings in Guatemala.

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The 13 Best Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala ~ HOTELS

Hotel Atitlan (Panajachel)

(Click here to see a wedding we Photographed at Hotel Atitlan)

Event Capacity : 500  Sleep Capacity : 120

Hotel Atitlan is one of the most sought-after locations on the lake, because of it’s size and familiarity with hosting weddings. At certain points of the year, there can be 2 or 3 weddings happening on the same day at Hotel Atitlan, so needless to say, they know what they’re doing. Weddings usually take place in a lake-front grassy area, with terraced seating, which allows all of your guests to take in the incredible view during the ceremony. For photos, the sprawling botanical gardens contain a wide-range of flowers, tropical plants and backdrops for some amazing snapshots, making this hotel one of the best wedding venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

With onsite catering and decorators, a wedding at Hotel Atitlan can be organized by their in-house wedding staff, with little to no effort from the bride and groom. They are also located in their own bay (known as the Riviera Atitlan), which means that weddings lasting until the wee hours of the night are not uncommon. Hotel Atitlan also boasts one of the best views on the lake, since the view to the water is open and in the direction of Atitlan’s incredible sunsets. They are known for taking their time answering emails, but if you hire them they do an amazing job.

Casa Palopo (Santa Catarina)

Event Capacity : 200   Sleep Capacity : 18

Casa Palopo Atitlan Guatemala

Casa Palopo has been famed as an incredible hotel in Santa Catarina, complete with it’s infinity pool overlooking the lake’s three volcanoes. Hundreds of couples have gotten engaged in this smaller boutique hotel, so it’s only fitting that they can also get married there. Located just a few minutes drive from Panajachel, Casa Palopó is also one of the more accesible hotels on the lake, in case you wish to bring vendors from outside.

With an incredible open deck, Casa Palopó can host up to 200 wedding guests, who can then stay in nearby hotels in Panajachel or rentals in Santa Catarina. There is also an incredible, naturally-lit restaurant that is able to serve a buffet-style menú to a big group and a sit-down dinner for weddings with 30 or fewer guests. With an intimate ceremony or a larger celebration, Casa Palopó is a gorgeous option.

Casa del Mundo (Jaibalito)

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Event Capacity : 50   Sleep Capacity : 50

Built into the sturdy edge of a cliff-side, Casa del Mundo has become a favorite for brides and grooms from abroad. On it’s own private mountainside, the incredible stonework and patios offer a wide-variety of options for ceremony locations, including a deck that is at lake level. With a nearly-vertical construction, you can be guaranteed that all of your guests will have an amazing lake-view from nearly every vantage point, especially from their jacuzzi 😉 Your guests are sure to be kept entertained with kayaks and hikes available close by if you plan on hosting a multi-day event.

Casa del Mundo also offers their own on-site catering, which makes the planning process that much easier for brides and grooms. Their all-local staff can also help with decoration, logistics and planning to make sure that your big day unfolds perfectly.

Jardines del Lago (Panajachel)

Event Capacity : 400    Sleep Capacity : 102

Located on the lakefront just in front of Panajachel, Jardines del Lago is one of the easiest-accessed venues on Lake Atitlan. They offer planners to help you organize and bring all of your wedding vendors right to the shore of Lake Atitlan. They provide enclosed tents or open-air reception locations in one of their gorgeous gardens, but one of their signature locales for ceremonies is the dock that literally floats on the water, ensuring incredible views for more intimate ceremonies. The dock can also serve as a pick-up spot for couples who wish to host their cocktail hours on one of two-leveled boats that carry you and your guests on an unforgettable tour of Lake Atitlan. Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Jardines del Lago also has its own kitchen and on-site catering, so bringing outside food isn’t necessary. The rooms are also right next to where the receptions take place, so your guests won’t need to drive or take extra transport to arrive to bed after a beautiful evening full of dancing.

Laguna Lodge (Santa Cruz)

(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Laguna Lodge)

Event Capacity : 50    Sleep Capacity : 18

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan

Famed for being on of the most ecological hotels in the world, Laguna Lodge offers a truly “off-the-grid” experience. This doesn’t mean, however, that luxury and comfort have been thrown out the window. This boutique hotel sits at the edge of the water, sturdily built with all the comforts of a five-star hotel.

They have a beautiful, wooden dock right on the water, perfect for intimate ceremonies with incredible views of the volcanoes. Their solar-heated hot tub and all-vegetarian restaurant mean that you’ll be minimizing your carbon footprint while enjoying your wedding day in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Laguna Lodge’s land also includes the entire mountain behind it, which they have preserved as a nature reserve, with incredible look-outs and hikes within minutes of the hotel.

With a restaurant and fully-stocked bar as part of the hotel, there is no need for outside catering and your guests will enjoy beautiful stone-built rooms with king size beds, all with lake views and gorgeous décor. Laguna Lodge is the perfect place for nature lovers and weddings at this eco-haven are truly one-of-a-kind.

Hotel Eco Bambu (Santiago)

Event Capacity : 250    Sleep Capacity : 30

@Photo by Hotel Bambú

Sitting underneath the watchful eyes of both Volcan Toliman and San Pedro, right on the water is Hotel Eco Bambu. Bambu is an ecological oasis near Santiago, Atitlan, one of the most culturally rich villages around Lake Atitlan. Bambu’s owner has given his personal touch to the hotel’s beautiful, expansive gardens, which can surround your wedding near the water’s edge.

The buildings at Hotel Bambu also have a rustic, local feel. The architecture and design elements we have used a traditional Tz’utujil village design like the wooden beams, carved stone raised on two separate porches with large wooden columns, and thatched roofs. The restaurant can serve a wide-range of homemade dishes in a comfortable enclosed restaurant, equipped to cook for all of your guests. The staff at Bambu can help you personalize an event to create an unforgettable wedding celebration.

La Fortuna (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 20    Sleep Capacity : 10

Tucked away in its own valley, La Fortuna is the perfect quiet getaway for very small weddings. The hotel is right on the water and has it’s rooms are hidden in the greenery behind the main reception area. There are three bungalow suites and two petite bungalows, made of natural materials but not without the luxury of hot showers and incredibly comfortable beds. The restaurant also serves all sorts of international cuisine, usually including at least one local ingredient, which is all prepared in their industrial-sized kitchen. The kitchen can also be rented by outside caterers in case you’re looking for something different than what they offer onsite. W

Everything is powered by the sun and the seclusion of the location can ensure a vacation-like experience. La Fortuna has also been named one the best honeymoon hotels in the world, so you won’t have to travel far to start enjoying your honeymoon immediately after your big day.

La Casa Zapote (San Marcos)

(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Casa Zapote)

Event Capacity : 75  Sleep Capacity : 10 (5 couples)

La Casa Zapote is one of the newer additions to the wedding options on the lake. It’s a 15-minute hike up from central San Marcos. The hike is through coffee fields and forests, making your wedding feel like you’re in the middle of nature. The structures feature a variety of local building techniques, including adobe, super adobe and natural wood and stone construction. With 5 different rooms, you will have options for your guests that wish to stay the night and then even more options for those that can make the walk back down to San Marcos.

As for food, you know you will be well-taken care of. La Casa Zapote restaurant includes three kitchens, two grills and a full bar, as well as a stage for live music and various lounging areas throughout the property. La Casa Zapote has an on-site farm to table restaurant and many of the ingredients come from their own gardens. La Casa Zapote also collaborates with talented international chefs to create unique, foodie experiences for brides and grooms that prioritize the culinary aspect of their event.

Isla Verde (Santa Cruz) *Limited availability certain times of the year*

(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Isla Verde)

Event Capacity : 50  Sleep Capacity : 32 

This chic little hotel is located in sleepy Santa Cruz, which is also inaccessible by road. It’s rustic décor and design make a perfect location for couples searching for something au natural. There are a few spaces where wedding ceremonies can take place, including an enclosed yoga studio and a green-roofed bamboo space. However, the favorite is the new open-air deck, that floats 3 meters above the water’s edge and has an incredible lake view.

Your guests can sleep in one of the cozy cabins built up the mountainside, all with incredible sunrise views. There are also lower suites and luxury rooms for guests not willing or able to make the climb. Although Isla Verde allows outside catering, the hotel is equipped with a full kitchen and staff that serve homemade, delicious “slow food,” which has earned them fame amongst locals living on the lake. Our particular favorites are their nachos and open-faced, tomato onion grilled cheese sandwich 🙂

Hotel Toliman (San Lucas)

Event Capacity : 150    Sleep Capacity : 50-60

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

On the grounds of a former coffee finca, in less-visited San Lucas, sits Hotel Tolimán. The magnificent views and extensive lawns and gardens are perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and the breezy, elegant and spacious restaurant and deck are perfect for banquets and dancing. If you let this family run hotel know what your dream wedding looks like, they can adapt their spaces to your ideals, convenience and budget. 

Hotel Toliman prepares food with the highest standards of quality and freshness, and much of the produce comes from their sustainable organic garden right on site.  You will be dazzled by the flavors and presentation. The owners and staff love sharing their secluded paradise with wedding parties and volcanic views are in abundance, since San Lucas sits right in the foothills of Volcan Toliman and Atitlan. 

The 15 Best Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala ~ RENTALS

Casa Valdres (Santa Cruz) 

Event Capacity : 50   Sleep Capacity : 10

Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala 01

This rental home is a three-story, Norwegian built home with stunning terraces and views from every room in the home. Surrounded by lush gardens, this venue is located in quiet Santa Cruz, along a walking path about 10 minutes from the public dock.  Equipped with a large kitchen and swimming pool, this rental is perfect for smaller weddings and a great spot for kids.

Villa Eggedal (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 50   Sleep Capacity : 26

House Rental Lake Atitlan

Located just above Casa Valdres is Villa Eggedal, with huge sprawling gardens and loads of quiet, green areas perfect for hosting an intimate ceremony. The villa contains various rooms and houses, so up to 26 of your guests can sleep on the grounds, which also includes a pool and hangout area. Guests that overflow the rental have up to 3 other large houses where they can walk in less than a few minutes.

Villa Eggedal would be great for a week-long celebration, with many activities on the lake within walking distance. You can treat yourself and your guests to a mini-vacation!

Casa Pamakanya (Jaibalito)

(Click here to see an elopement we shot at Casa Pamakanya)

Event Capacity : 25      Sleep Capacity : 13

Elopement Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

This unique house is found hidden away in the hills next to Jaibalito, which is only accessible by boat. The houses contain various different structures and gardens that are great for hosting small, intimate weddings. Perfect for barefoot brides, this terraced home has garden and volcanic views from plenty of patios and open deck areas. At Pamakanya you can also enjoy your own private dock for swimming and plenty of hammocks to relax in after you say “I do.” The stone-work and lush gardens are amazing for photographs and small celebrations.

While renting this gorgeous house, you can (at an extra cost) hire a private, local cook from Jaibalito who can cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to 25 people. The owners also have connections for serving staff from the local village and are open to brides and grooms hiring outside caterers.


Other Vendors on Lake Atitlan

Luckily, you won’t have to bring along a whole load of vendors from outside Lake Atitlan. With many trained businesses and wedding professionals, hosting your wedding on Lake Atitlan can be a breeze. Check out our following list of trusted vendors, and if you know of one that we’re missing, send us an email with their info!

Wedding Planners
  • Karen Soto:
Hair Stylist
  • Karla Herrera (San Pedro) –
Transport Assistance
Cake / Desserts
Live Musicians

Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

~ Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala ~

If you need help to coordinate your wedding Karen Soto lives on the lake and organizes and decorates weddings. Her email is