Jenn & JuanWedding at Convent of las Capuchinas ~ Antigua, Guatemala

Wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala // Jenn & Juan’s beautiful, effortless wedding day took place at Las Capuchinas, the ruins of 17th Century church and convent in Antigua, Guatemala. We spent the morning laughing and chatting with Jenn’s family, who were all first-time visitors to Guatemala. The casual demeanor of the bride and groom set everyone at ease, as we made our way eventually to the convent. wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

As the ceremony began, the tears began to fall as these two incredible families became one in the green gardens of Capuchinas. The families placed their hands on the newlyweds and gave their final prayers and blessings that ended the quiet ceremony. wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

We wandered around Antigua for a bit with the newlyweds, whose smiles and affection shined through in the photos. We cannot thank these two enough for allowing us to come along on their amazing day, and we know that their future will definitely be bright and full of lots of laughter. wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Venue : Las Capuchinas in Antigua, Guatemala
Dress : White by Vera Wang
Hair : Fringe Salon Guatemala
MakeUp : Rosanella Makeup
Decor : Patricia Betancourt
Catering : Porta Hotel Antigua
Lighting/Entertainment : Valentin Gramajo
Tables/Linens : Uniquo

Hit Play for music 🙂 (Bon Iver – Skinny Love)

Groom getting ready guatemala wedding cake guatemala photo session capuchinas antigua first look capuchinas antigua guatemala first look antigua family formals capuchinas antigua bridesmaids antigua guatemala Groomsmen Clothes Guatemala boutonniere guatemala Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala Wedding Capuchinas Convent Antigua Guatemala Boda Convento Capuchinas Antigua Capuchinas Wedding Antigua Capuchinas Wedding Photos Antigua Capuchinas Wedding Session Photos Convento Capuchinas Fotos Fotos Boda Capuchinas Ruinas Convento Capuchinas Bodas en las Capuchinas wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala Photographer Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Photographer wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 02 Sesion de Fotos Antigua Guatemala wedding dessert guatemala wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 01 wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala wedding reception capuchinas antigua wedding cake guatemala bouquet toss guatemala fiesta boda capuchinas guatemala

If you want us to shoot your wedding please tell us more about you on the following page and we will get back at you as soon as possible,

– Wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala –

Erin & NickEngagement Session at La Merced ~ Antigua

We had such an eventful afternoon with these two! To start, Melissa tripped and fell on a piece of rebar (and cut her hand open), then Nick got sunscreen in his eyes and finally, we got photobombed by a dog and a guy with a selfie stick! Nevertheless, Erin & Nick kept smiles on their faces as we wandered around the ruins of La Merced and the streets of Antigua. We had so many ridiculous and hilarious moments during these few hours but we were so happy with the results. The blue sky and amazing sunset over the rooftops of Antigua made it completely worth it. Erin & Nick, you guys are total troopers and a we cannot wait for your wedding! engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala

engagement photos la merced antigua engagement photos la merced antigua guatemala Photos La Merced Antigua engagement photographer antigua Photo Shoot La Merced Antigua Fotografo parejas antigua guatemala tattoo photos guatemala photos la merced antigua guatemala Photographer Antigua Guatemala engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 34 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 67 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 23 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 03 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala

engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala

Cristina & NickEngagement Session in Omaha, Nebraska

We were so excited for this shoot as we’ve been friends with Cristina & Nick for a few years now. Nick is an unstoppable Omaha entrepreneur responsible for amazing things like Over Easy and The Market House. We love connecting with couples over food and drinks, so that’s exactly how this afternoon started. We had many laughs and even a rooftop adventure as the sun set over Omaha. Needless to say, we’re pretty happy with the result, we love being back home every year & doing beautiful things like this engagement session in Omaha Nebraska.

Engagement Photographer Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 02 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 03 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 04 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 05 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 06 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 07 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 08 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 09 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 10 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 11 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 12 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 13 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 14 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 15 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 16 Engagement Session in Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 19 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 20 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 21 Engagement Session in Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 23 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 24 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 25 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 26 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 27 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 28 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 29 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 30 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 31 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 32 Engagement Session in Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 34


5 Ways Drones Help Make Wedding Photos Incredible~ Guest Post by Zacc Dukowitz~

Just a year ago, the idea of having a drone be part of your wedding shoot may have seemed a little far-fetched.

But drone technology has developed incredibly quickly, with the price of drones going down while the quality goes up.

These days you can buy a good camera drone that will respond to gestures, hold specific flight patterns to allow for interesting shots without complicated manual maneuvering, track you while you move, and provide incredibly high quality video and stills—all for less than a plane ticket to Europe might run you.

Which is all to say that we’re living in the golden age of drones for aerial cinematography. And what better place to use a drone than at a wedding shoot?

Weddings are an incredibly special, unique time (as everyone knows), and of course we all want our wedding photos to be amazing.

Using a drone for a wedding shoot can add a wow factor to the resulting images—here are x different ways that a drone can make wedding photos incredible.

Drone Photos Guatemala Weddings
Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

5 Ways that Drones Help Make Wedding Photos Incredible

1. Showcasing Your Wedding Venue

Most pictures or video taken on the ground has the trouble of being limited to a specific plain of vision.

Sure, a photographer can climb on top of something to get a group shot. But the resulting pictures will still be limited to the one perspective provided by the rooftop or balcony where the photographer happens to be standing.

A drone, on the other hand, can capture the entire area where the wedding is taking place.

Are you getting married on the beach, or on the side of a mountain, or in some other spectacular place?

Imagine looking through your wedding album on your 20th anniversary and having a sweeping aerial snapshot of your entire venue. That is pretty amazing.

2. Impossible Made Possible

Drones also allow for some really impressive creativity when it comes to the types of shots you get.

You can use aerial shots to spell out words on the lawn with your wedding guests, or organize people in other fun, interesting ways.

You also have the advantage of perspective—imagine capturing emotional moments that would be impossible to photograph from the ground, such as the bride and her father hiding on one side of the house, preparing to appear, while the groom waits at the altar.

The resulting image would be amazing, and impossible without a drone.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

3. Capturing Scale and Scope

Planning a destination wedding?

A good drone can help capture the grandeur of the vistas, the sweep and reach of the ocean, the entire lush landscape of the valley—wherever the destination is, having an eye in the sky to really highlight the surroundings is a big plus when you’ve gone to the trouble to travel somewhere for your wedding.

For many of your guests, the trip they take for your wedding may be the most exciting thing they did in a long time.

Having some aerial shots to record the memory of the place will help make the experience that much more special. Imagine being able to look back ten years later, and see the entire beach, or the entire mountainside. That’s pretty awesome.

4. Wow Guests, and Your Partner

Let’s face it—not everyone is a people person.

If your fiancé(e) is nervous about hosting such a big event, or not exactly thrilled about planning every detail, having a drone shoot could be something that the more introverted wedding party members could get really jazzed about.

Having a flying robot in the sky is definitely a good conversation starter, and adds a

5. One Word: Magic

Having aerial shots of your wedding adds a quality to the images produced that can only be described as magical.

In short, the possibilities a drone can provide blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. Nothing can really compare to the cinematic wonder of a picture taken from high in the sky.

But don’t take it from me. See for yourself:

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

Convinced you need a drone in your wedding shoot? Awesome!

Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography uses a drone as part of their kit of tools for their wedding shoots, so you’re in good hands. (In fact, they took both of the pictures featured in this article!)

About the Author

Zacc Dukowitz is the Director of Marketing for UAV Coach, a leading source of news, resources, and training for the drone industry. Drone Pilot Ground School, UAV Coach’s flagship course to help drone pilots prepare for the FAA’s Part 107 test, has trained over 9,000 drone pilots, with a pass rate of over 99%.

Marcela & RicardoWedding in Hacienda Nueva, Guatemala City

This was such a fun night! Marcela & Ricardo were married at the Hacienda Nueva Country Club, outside of San Jose Pinulá, Guatemala. What was so impressive about this wedding was literally EVERY decoration was made by Marcela or one of her guests. Ricardo’s beautiful mother even made the amazing wedding cake, adorned with succulents and hanging on a swing at the reception. This truly was a family affair! wedding photographer guatemala city

Wedding Photographer Guatemala Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 02 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 03 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 04 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 05 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 06 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 07 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 08 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 09 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 10 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 11 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 12 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 13 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 14 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 15 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 16 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 17 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 18 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 19 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 20 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 21 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 22 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 23 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 24 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 25 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 26 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 27 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 28 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 29 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 30 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 31 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 32 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 33 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 34 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 35 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 36 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 37 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 38 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 39 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 40 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 41 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 42 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 43 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 44 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 45 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 46 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 47 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 48 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 49 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 50 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 51 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 52 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 53 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 54 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 55 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 56 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 57 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 58 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 59 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 60 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 61 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 62 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 63 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 64 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 65 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 66 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 67 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 68 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 69 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 70 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 71 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 72 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 73 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 74 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 75 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 76 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 77 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 78 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 79 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 80 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 81 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 82 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 83 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 84 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 85 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 86 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 87 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 88 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 89

wedding photographer guatemala city

Josh & MarisaReserva Conchal ~ Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Wedding Photographer Costa Rica // We never imagined that our job would begin taking us all over Central America to meet amazing people and spend some time in the earth’s most incredible places. We fell so lucky that we got a chance to finally visit Costa Rica, better yet in the amazing Playa Conchal of Guanacaste, for Marisa & Josh’s wedding at Reserva Conchal. It was also this amazing couples’ first time to Costa Rica, so we were all in awe of the incredible landscapes and beaches for the entire week we were there. Wedding Photographer Costa Rica

A few days before the wedding, the four of us ventured out into some of the farmlands of Costa Rica to take some photos and find the greener side of Guanacaste. We chatted about their story and all of their travel adventures from years prior, so it was amazing to get to know them better. For sunset we made our way back to the beach for a sunny, sea-side shoot. Playa Conchal is unique because the grains of sand are much bigger than normal and in certain parts, is completely made out of conch shells (as shown in the double exposure below). Wedding Photographer Costa Rica

Although the actual wedding day began with some rain, Marisa & Josh’s excitement for marriage didn’t change in the slightest. They both eagerly awaited their colorful, tropical wedding in the gardens of Reserva Conchal. Immediately after the ceremony, however, the sky cleared up and we got a chance to photograph during an incredible, golden sunset. We had trouble pausing between photos, as we didn’t want to miss a minute of the incredible light. We finally let them go back to their guests as the sky grew dark and we made our way to their beautifully decorated family-style dinner, right next to the pools (which were utilized later in the evening ;)), lit up by garden lights. Wedding Photographer Costa Rica

Marisa, Josh and their guests then danced the night away and finished their incredible Costa Rican wedding celebration. We love traveling for weddings and are so pleased to have played a small part in “JAM”‘s wedding story. We wish them all the best for the future and cannot wait for their eventual visit to Guatemala 😉 Enjoy the photos of this amazing wedding in Costa Rica.

Wedding Planner(s): Barbara Broutin from Four Nineteen Weddings
Videographer: Jonathan Yonkers
Venue: Reserva Conchal
Make up: Tricia Espinoza from Maravilla Makeup
Hair: Victoria Alfaro from Bridal Services Costa Rica
Dress: Leanne Marshall
Suit: J. Crew
Bride Shoes: Sarah Jessica Parker
Groom Shoes: Cole Haan
Jewelry: Henry Bendel
Flowers: Stylos & Flores
Rentals: Four Nineteen Weddings
Guitar Player for Ceremony: Ricardo Fonseca
DJ: Stephen Denton
Desserts: Victoria Zoch

Hit Play Below. Music: Animal Collective – Loch Raven


 Day 1 ~ Engagement Session around Guanacaste & Playa Conchal 

Wedding Photographer Costa Rica wedding photos costa rica engagement photos costa rica Photographer Guanacaste wedding photos guanacaste wedding photographer guanacaste costa rica

 Day 2 ~ Wedding at Westin Reserva Conchal 

wedding reserva conchal costa rica wedding decorations costa rica wedding decorations costa rica Decorations Costa Rica wedding decorations costa rica wedding reserva conchal costa rica

Derek & MonicaAntigua, Guatemala

We loved getting to know these two during their session at Las Capuchinas Church and Convent in Antigua, Guatemala. Enjoy their engagement photos! Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Engagement Photography Antigua Guatemala Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 02 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 03 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 04 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 05 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 06 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 07 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 08 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 09 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 10 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 11 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 12 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 13 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 14 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 15 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 16 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 17 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 18 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 19 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 20 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 21 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 22 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 23 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 24 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 25 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 26 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 27 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 28 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 29 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 30 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 31 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 32 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 33 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 34 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 35 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 36 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 37 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 38 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 39 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 40 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 41 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 42

Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Sebastian & VastyLa Florencia & Cerro de La Cruz ~ Antigua, Guatemala

Having another photographer ask you to shoot their engagement photos is the ultimate form of flattery. Not only did we get to hang out with the incredibly talented Vasty Madrid, but we got to trade secrets, share experiences and make new friends. What an awesome afternoon! Engagement Photos in Antigua

Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 01 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 02 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 03 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 04 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 05 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 06 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 07 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 08 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 09 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 10 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 11 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 12 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 13 Engagement Photos in Antigua 14 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 15 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 16 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 17 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 18 Engagement Photos in Antigua 19 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 20 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 21 Engagement Photos in Antigua 22 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 23 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 24 Engagement Photos in Antigua 25 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 27 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 28 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 29 Engagement Photos in Antigua 30 Engagement Photos in Antigua 31 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 32 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 33 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 34 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 35 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 36 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 37 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 38 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 39 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 40

Engagement Photos in Antigua

A homage to Vietnam

Here are some of our favorite moments and photos from our month-long visit to Vietnam. We both have had the desire to visit this beautiful country for a while now and feel so lucky to have spent some time there, eating delicious new foods, meeting new friendly people and admiring a landscape unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Thank you so much, Vietnam for welcoming us with open arms. We will definitely see you again….

All images shot with a Fujifilm XT-10 + 35mm F/2 & 18mm f/2. This camera’s size/price/quality is out of this world.

Wedding Photographer Vietnam 002Wedding Photographer Vietnam 001Wedding Photographer Vietnam 003dWedding Photographer Vietnam 087Wedding Photographer Vietnam 004Wedding Photographer Vietnam 028Wedding Photographer Vietnam 027 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 026 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 025Wedding Photographer Vietnam 024Wedding Photographer Vietnam 023 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 022 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 021 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 020 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 019 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 018 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 017 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 016 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 015Wedding Photographer Vietnam 013 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 012 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 011 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 010 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 009 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 008 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 007 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 006 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 005Wedding Photographer Vietnam 031 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 163 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 162 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 161 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 160 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 159 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 158 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 157 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 156 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 155 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 154 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 153 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 152 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 151 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 150 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 149 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 148 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 147 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 146 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 145 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 144 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 143 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 142 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 141 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 140 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 139 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 138 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 137 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 136 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 135
Wedding Photographer Vietnam 134 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 133 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 132 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 131 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 130 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 129 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 128 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 127 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 126 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 125 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 124 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 123 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 122 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 121 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 120 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 119 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 118 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 117 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 116 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 115 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 114 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 113 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 112 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 111 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 110 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 109 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 108 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 107 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 106 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 105 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 104 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 103 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 102 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 101 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 100 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 099 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 098 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 097 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 096 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 095 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 094 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 093 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 092Wedding Photographer Vietnam 091Wedding Photographer Vietnam 089Wedding Photographer Vietnam 088Wedding Photographer Vietnam 086Wedding Photographer Vietnam 085Wedding Photographer Vietnam 084Wedding Photographer Vietnam 083Wedding Photographer Vietnam 082Wedding Photographer Vietnam 081Wedding Photographer Vietnam 080Wedding Photographer Vietnam 079Wedding Photographer Vietnam 078Wedding Photographer Vietnam 077Wedding Photographer Vietnam 076Wedding Photographer Vietnam 075Wedding Photographer Vietnam 074Wedding Photographer Vietnam 073Wedding Photographer Vietnam 072Wedding Photographer Vietnam 071Wedding Photographer Vietnam 069Wedding Photographer Vietnam 068Wedding Photographer Vietnam 067Wedding Photographer Vietnam 066Wedding Photographer Vietnam 065Wedding Photographer Vietnam 064Wedding Photographer Vietnam 063Wedding Photographer Vietnam 062Wedding Photographer Vietnam 061Wedding Photographer Vietnam 060Wedding Photographer Vietnam 059Wedding Photographer Vietnam 058Wedding Photographer Vietnam 057Wedding Photographer Vietnam 056Wedding Photographer Vietnam 055Wedding Photographer Vietnam 054Wedding Photographer Vietnam 053Wedding Photographer Vietnam 052Wedding Photographer Vietnam 051
Wedding Photographer Vietnam 048Wedding Photographer Vietnam 049Wedding Photographer Vietnam 047Wedding Photographer Vietnam 046Wedding Photographer Vietnam 045Wedding Photographer Vietnam 044Wedding Photographer Vietnam 043Wedding Photographer Vietnam 042Wedding Photographer Vietnam 041Wedding Photographer Vietnam 040Wedding Photographer Vietnam 039Wedding Photographer Vietnam 038Wedding Photographer Vietnam 037Wedding Photographer Vietnam 036Wedding Photographer Vietnam 035Wedding Photographer Vietnam 034Wedding Photographer Vietnam 002 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 014Wedding Photographer Vietnam 029 Wedding Photographer Vietnam 032Wedding Photographer Vietnam 164Wedding Photographer Vietnam 169Wedding Photographer Vietnam 168Wedding Photographer Vietnam 167Wedding Photographer Vietnam 166Wedding Photographer Vietnam 165

15 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding in Guatemala

Recently we ran across a great article on Huffington Post with reasons to have a destination wedding. After reading all these great reasons, we decided to narrow down the list to the benefits of having your destination wedding Guatemala, since this unique country has so much to offer as a wedding destination. And if you want more information make sure you check the rest of our articles we have written with advice for weddings in Guatemala.

Here are 15 reasons you should have your destination wedding in Guatemala:

1) Incredible natural settings

Even though Guatemala is a relatively small country, the landscape options range from sandy Caribbean beaches to high volcanic peaks. You can find enchanted green forests or ancient jungles, beautiful lakeside settings or golden sunsets on the Pacific. Whatever natural backdrop you’re looking for – Guatemala has it.  destination wedding guatemala

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala


2 ) Unique wedding venues

In addition to beautiful natural settings for your destination weddings, Guatemala also offers a number of unique wedding venues that could be the perfect location for your special day. In fact, recently four of Guatemala’s hotels were on a list of the 10 best hotels in Central America and the Caribbean by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. How about a wedding in a  lakeside villa with views of three majestic volcanoes? Think about a more rustic look of ancient ruins from an old, crumbled church. Can you see yourself saying “I Do” at a coffee finca or an avocado farm? Then Guatemala is the place for you. If you need recommendations you can check our articles with the Best Venues to Get Married in Antigua & Best Venues to get Married on Lake Atitlan.


Destination Wedding Photographer Guatemala


3 ) Guatemala is affordable

Your money goes a long way in Guatemala. In comparison with costly locations in Europe and the United States, you can expect to spend half the money you would spend on a cookie-cutter wedding in the US and other parts of North America. With the average US wedding costing $31,000, it’s no wonder why you would look for a cheaper option. So instead of cutting important details like your preferred photographer or perfect wedding dress, you’ll be allowing yourself those extra special things by saving on venue costs, food, and transport in a country where you can get more bang for your buck. destination wedding guatemala

4 ) Amazing weather

The only thing better than Guatemala’s pristine beauty is its weather. Known as the ¨Land of Eternal Spring¨ you can have flexibility when choosing your wedding date and plenty of time to plan ahead. From November to May is known as the dry season, with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27° Celsius) during the day and cooling down to the 60’s in the evening. From about May to October the rainy season takes place, but don’t be discouraged by the name. Most times the rainy season involves an hour or two of rain in the afternoons and beautiful sunsets to finish the day. With this rain comes the lush, green color of trees and other sorts of plant life that provide Guatemala with a vibrancy unlike any other. Looking for something a bit warmer? Head South towards the beaches of Monterrico and or go East to Livingston for an unforgettable seaside wedding. You can also find warmer temperatures in the dense jungles of Peten or on the salty shores of Rio Dulce.

5 ) Talented, professional wedding planners & vendors

As Guatemala’s tourism industry grows, so does its wedding industry. Talented, reliable, and stylish wedding planners are just an email away, waiting to organize everything from transport to food to decorations. Most of these planners speak English, so you won’t have to worry about getting your ideas across and fulfilled in a timely and organized manner. You can trust Gladys, from Saguzo Eventos or Pilu from Dream Events or Carolina Mendez to create a picturesque event in one of Antigua’s many ruin sites, and count on Paulo from Decor & Planning to pull together a chic backdrop for your intimate ceremony and plan your event. These and many more are professionals who love what they do and do incredible work.

Wedding Photographer Antigua Guatemala

6) You can have a smaller, more intimate wedding

Along the lines of saving money, you’ll also cut costs and reduce your stress-level by slimming down your list of invitees and making sure that only your closest friends and family will be sharing your special day with you. Many couples complain that they never got a chance to really spend quality time with their guests because they were so busy greeting one person to the next. Why not take your time and enjoy each moment with the people who have traveled so far to celebrate with you? And why not enjoy those moments in a picturesque location that will give your guests a truly unforgettable experience?

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

7) Easy & safe transportation for you and your guests

Nowadays, as long as you have an internet connection you can coordinate most aspects of any wedding.  This definitely goes for planning destination weddings in Guatemala.  Not only have Guatemala’s travel agencies made themselves easier to reach but some of them even allow you to book transport through their website.  You can book last-minute trips or adventures in advance.  Most of these agencies, like Atitrans, even have a 24-hour phone number in case you need to make last minute cancellations or modifications for shuttles and other transport. destination wedding guatemala

Destination Wedding Photographer Antigua Guatemala

8 ) Opportunities to decompress for honeymooners

Once your amazing day has passed, Guatemala is the perfect place as a romantic honeymoon location. Spend your first days as newlyweds receiving massages, spa treatments, and simply relaxing in one of Guatemala’s beautiful resorts or hotels. Need a change of ambience? If you’ve just had your gorgeous wedding on Lake Atitlan, take a shuttle to Livingston for a Caribbean beach-side getaway. After your chic rustic celebration in Antigua, head to Monterrico for colorful, romantic sunsets on the Pacific Ocean. You can choose to relax or head out for a grand, newlywed adventure to the ruins of Tikal.  The honeymoon options are endless! destination wedding guatemala

9 ) Create a memorable adventure for you and your guests

Twenty years from now, you won’t want to look back at your wedding and just think, “Gee, that was a fun night.” You’d probably rather look back and think, “My wedding was such an ADVENTURE.” Your friends and family will have traveled by plane, bus, and maybe even by boat to arrive to your wedding, they will be immersed in a completely different culture, and see things they could never have imagined. Your wedding day won’t just be another excuse for a vacation, your wedding day will be an experience that will hold a place in you and your guests’ minds and hearts for years to come. Would you rather have your guests leave your wedding with a bag of goodies or would you rather have them leave with a new perspective and loads of stories to tell back home? If you need some help coordinating your wedding week make sure you contact Antigua Tours. desti

10 ) Vibrant local culture

If you decide to marry in Guatemala, you can expect happy smiles from the locals who truly enjoy sharing their gorgeous country with others. The local Maya culture is truly distinct and its history dates back thousands of years. Upon arrival, you’ll notice brightly colored textiles, handcrafted goods, and decorations that distinguish this culture from what you might expect in Central America. With over 23 different spoken languages in entire country, your experience here is bound to be unique.

11 ) Exciting adventurous activities

Worried about your guests getting bored during their stay? Guatemala boasts a wide variety of outdoor and adventure activities, including hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, zip-lining, and even paragliding. You can also get lost in the jungles of Northern Guatemala by exploring the world famous Tikal Mayan ruins. In addition to loads of tours and other excursions, you can help your guests make an adventure out of your wedding celebration. Coordinating trips is also super easy; with online access to bus and shuttle companies, the possibilities are unlimited!

12 ) Guatemala is growing

Tourism is the second biggest industry in Guatemala comprising nearly 15% of the country´s GDP. Over 2 million tourists visited Guatemala in 2013. This means that organizing, coordinating and planning every aspect of your wedding and trip to Guatemala is easier than ever. Since the late 90’s Guatemala’s tourism industry has grown by about 15% each year. Guatemala and its wedding vendors are connecting more via the internet. Pages like Perhaps You Need a Little Guatemala inspire visitors and locals by sharing photos and content that feature the many wonders of this incredible country. Even Martha Stewart weddings has noticed the huge potential that Guatemala has as a destination wedding location.  More and more visitors are discovering what makes this country such a special place and as such, more brides and grooms are finding it to be their ideal wedding location.

Wedding Photographer Antigua Guatemala 17


13 ) Delicious, high-quality cuisine

Since agriculture is also one of Guatemala’s biggest industries, delicious, fresh food is never too hard to find. With so many visitors, Guatemala’s culinary industry is also growing and adapting to different tastes and flavors. You can find cooks from Argentina grilling spiced meats, typical Guatemalan food and Japanese chefs rolling fresh sushi in places like Antigua and Panajachel. You can also find delicious Italian-made pizza and of course many locals who would love to whip up some traditional Guatemalan dishes for your wedding day. Is your mouth watering yet?destination wedding guatemala

14 ) Gorgeous, colorful (and cheap) floral decorations

In addition to fresh, tasty food you’ll also find that the blooms in Guatemala are some of the rarest, most colorful on earth. Fresh roses and colorful orchids will bring an unmatched design element to your wedding. Also, since many of these flowers are grown here in Guatemala, finding the perfect floral decorations and blossoms for your bouquet and buttoniere will be easy, cheap, and fun. If you are in need of inspiration, connect with decorator Nestor Gamez for ideas.

destination wedding guatemala

15 ) Unforgettable wedding photographs 

By having your destination wedding Guatemala, you can expect incredible wedding photographs to take home and treasure for a lifetime. We (among many other talented photographers) will record the essence of your adventure in Guatemala, as well as the important moments and details that will happen during your destination wedding. Our photos capture the unique location of Guatemala as well as the incredible weddings that take place here. We love this country and certainly consider ourselves lucky to call it home, so offering our photography services for weddings all over Guatemala is an absolute pleasure for us.

destination wedding guatemala

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